Defibrillator and AED analyzers

DELTA 1600

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Analyzer


The Delta 1600 is a precision, compact, and battery operated instrument for testing automated external defibrillators (AEDs). The Delta 1600 simulates various cardiac waveforms to ensure that the AED can detect, analyze and audibly advise shock. In addition to the shock advisory test, Delta 1600 measures discharged  energy of the AED, thereby ensuring that the AED complies with specified requirements.


The dedicated function keys and menu driven display on the unit makes it simple for operation. The Delta 1600 has a built-in load resistance of 50 ohms to simulate the human body impedance.


To establish electrical connection between the AED and the Delta 1600, manufacturer specific interface cables (contact Evotec Sales for custom cables) are required. The interface cable must be connected between the AED and input jacks of Delta 1600. Once the AED is discharged, Delta 1600 samples the pulse, calculates and displays the delivered energy.


The Delta 1600 is the ideal tester for AEDs that are used in ambulances, police cars, sports stadiums, aircraft, schools, malls, and other remote locations.


Use of the 610-Paddle Adapter allows the Delta 1600 to be used on AEDs with reusable paddles.


The Delta 1600 comes complete with a set of insulated banana jacks and a soft carrying case.

DELTA 3300

Defibrillator / Transcutaneous Pacemaker Analyzer


The DELTA 3300 Defibrillator / Transcutaneous Pacemaker Analyzer is a precision instrument for testing defibrillators and external (Transcutaneous) Pacemakers. It combines the complete testing functions of a Defibrillator Tester, Transcutaneous Pacemaker Analyzer, and 12-Lead ECG / Arrhythmia Simulator into one compact, lightweight, and easy-to-use instrument.

The Delta 3300 tests all Defibrillators including AEDs. It measures both monophasic and Bi-Phasic waveforms.  It is compact, lightweight and easy to use. The test results can be saved in the internal memory and uploaded to the PC and printed using ProComPrint software (CD included with the unit).

Pacemaker Analyzer

EXPMT 2000

External Pacemaker Analyzer


EXPMT 2000 External Pacemaker Analyzer is FDA approved and has evolved from the best selling EXPMT 100 Pacer Analyzer. It will test and verify all the functions of any External Pacemaker including transvenous, transcutanious (transthoracic), and Atrial and Ventricular sequential pacemakers.

Operation of the analyzer is menu driven via eight tactile keys and a large four line LCD display. Test measurements are simultaneously presented on the display. Five ECG snaps are standard along with an RS-232 serial port that allows for printing both a heading and test measurements on a separate printer. Information may also be sent to an external device. The external test load has twelve user-selectable loads from 100 to 1000 Ohms for use with transcutaneous pacers

Electrical Safety Analyzers

LKG 601

Basic Electrical Safety Analyzer


Product Code : 601

LKG 601 Electrical Safety Analyzer is an extremely easy to use portable Electrical Safety Analyzer designed specifically for testing non-ECG equipment. Ground resistance, leakage current, and instrument current test measurements can all be displayed on its large LCD.

With its unique operating features, the LKG 601 outperforms all other basic analyzers. To insure accuracy of the instrument, each test has calibrated test points. The accessible instrument fuse solves the maintenance problems of built-in fuses. The selectable test load provides testing flexibility. The LKG 601 meets both AMMI and IEC 601-1 Standards.

LKG 610

Electrical Safety Analyzer - 10 Lead ECG


LKG 610 Electrical Safety Analyzer is designed to test any piece of electrically operated patient care equipment. This full featured analyzer is microprocessor controlled and has a complete compliment of ten leads.

LKG 610 measures line voltage, outlet polarity, device current, earth leakage current, chassis resistance, and case leakage current. In addition, it performs lead ISO tests and point-to-point measurements.

All tests are quickly and easily performed by selecting the appropriate test function key. Measurement results are displayed on the large LCD screen with measurement units clearly indicated by an LED. Large switches change the polarity, open and close neutral, and lift the ground. Ten universal lead connectors accept both snaps and any size posts.

Calibrated test points are available to ensure perfomance accuracy and repeatability. Either AAMI or IEC 601-1 test loads may be selected. The receptacle is fused with an accessible 20A fuse and the tester itself is fused internally.

Delivered complete with a soft carry case and red test lead for resistance readings, LKG 610 is compact and light weight and provides the best combination of features, performance than any other comprable products in the market. 

Multi- Pro 2000

Full-Function electrical Safety Analyzer & Multi - parameter Simulator


Product Code : 2000

MultiPro 2000 (PN: 560) is a full-featured, compact portable analyzer designed for the testing of the electrical safety of medical devices. 


The analyzer tests to US standards (ANSI/AAMI ES1, NFPA 99) or international standards IEC60601-1 by user selectable patient loads. 


It is compact, lightweight and user-friendly unlike any other safety analyzer in the market. MultiPro 2000 is a measurement device as well as a waveform simulator.


It is capable of saving over 5000 test records and can be uploaded to a PC for printing and record keeping using the software shipped with the unit.  Optional standalone “Equipment Maintenance Software” is also available for the PCs.


This instrument tests wall outlet polarity and measures line voltage, chassis resistance, chassis leakage current, and leads leakage current. It also performs lead isolation testing and point-to-point testing. Calibrated test points are available for verifying its performance.


An ECG Simulator displays a normal sinus rhythm waveform with 13 amplitude and 14 rate selections. 


Square, Sine, and Triangle waveforms for performance testing are available with 14 frequency and 13 amplitude selections. 


The RS-252 port simplifies the download of test results to any computer or serial printer.


Overall, MultiPro 2000 Electrical Safety Analyzer is a lightweight and versatile tool that easily performs electrical safety testing to the requirements of both in-house and field biomedical service technicians.

Infusion Pump Analyzer

IPA 2000

Infusion Pump Analyzer


Product Code : 2000

IPA 2000  Infusion Pump Analyzer is a versatile, rugged instrument designed to test all types of Infusion Pumps quickly and accurately utilizing Netech's patented technology.

Menu driven, featurning a large graphic LCD and a full function keyboard, the IPA 2000 is simple to use. Unlike other Pump Analyzers, it requires no elaborate setup procedures and  measures Flow, Volume, Back Pressure and Occlusion Pressure. 

Flow measurements are fast and accurate: turn the unit on, select the function, connect the pump and read the measurement. It's as simple as that! Test results are stored in the internal memory and can be uploaded to a PC via serial port to maintain records.

Light weight yet compact, the fully-featured IPA 2000 is great value. 

Pressure / Vacuum Analyzer

Digimano 1000

Digital Pressure / Vacuum meter


Product Code : 1000

DigiMano 1000 Pressure Vacuum Meter is a portable digital instrument designed to measure the pressure of non-corrosive fluids and gases. This versatile instrument displays results in one of two engineering units on a large 3 digit LCD Display.

Engineered to provide superior perfomance using one of the latest semiconductor sensors, the DigiMano 1000 has an accuracy of 0.25 full scale. A rugged instrument, it has been designed to perform its measurements quickly, accurately, and easily. Seven models are available to cover a wide variety of different engineering units and pressure ranges.

Power is supplied by one 9V alkaline battery or an AC Adapter may be used. 

DigiMano 1000 is CE marked and comes with a Certificate of Calibration traceable to the NIST.

Digimano 2500

Digital Precision Pressure / Vacuum meter


Product Code : 2500

Digimano 2500 Digital Pressure Vacuum Meter is a versatile, high performance Digital Pressure and Vacuum Meter. This precision instrument is designed for use in numerous medical and industrial applications.

DigiMano 2500 is compatible with a wide range of gases and fluids. It is housed in a rugged aluminium case with a sealed membrane keypad.

The built-in serial port, realtime data output, and internal data storage memory are ideal for industrial process control as well as automated pressure calibration applications.

DigiMano 2500 is avaliable in pressure ranges from 2 PSI to 200 PSI with accuracies from 0.25, 0.1 and 0.05 (optional) .

Optional real time pressure controled dual relay out put is avaible. Both relay outputs can be controlled individualy by user selcatble pressure values. It is ideal for controling external pressure control systems with user selectable pressure set points.

Gas Analyzer

DigiFlo 2000

Gas Flow Meter


Product Code : 780

Find great value in the highly versatile DigiFlow 2000. This device is an unparalleled, microcontroller based mass flow meter designed for precision measurements of various gases (air, N2, O2, CO2, N2O and Arg).

The intentionally compact and lightweight design of the DigiFlow 2000 creates a seamless user experience. With a menu-driven interface, this device is incredibly easy to learn how to operate.

You can also be confident in your measurements because the mechanism tests true gas flow that is independent of temperature and pressure changes. It also incorporates an accurate micro-mass flow sensor. The sensor operates on the theory of heat transfer due to mass airflow directed across the surface of the sensing element.

The flow is displayed directly in Standard Cubic Centimeter per Minute (SCCM), Liter per minute (LpM) and Actual Cubic Feet per Minute (ACFM). It’s also available in four different flow ranges - 5 LPM, 10 LPM, 15 LPM and 20 LPM.
At the end of the day, the Digiflow 2000 is an ideal tool for researchers and engineers in a diverse range of applications; this includes laboratories, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, field services and several other environments.

Ultrasound WATT meter


Ultrasound Wattmeter


Product Code : VUW-7

VUW-7 Digital Ultrasound Wattmeter/Power Meter is a precision instrument designed to provide an accurate means of verifying and calibrating the output of therapeutic ultrasound devices.

It is engineered to acurately measure output utilizing a state of the art microprocessor and strain gauge bridge transducer to provide a quick and reliable reading. Ruggedly designed and built, it is compact, portable and simple to operate.

Multiparameter Simulator


Multiparameter Simulator


MS400 Multiparameter Simulator is a portable device, features in small volume and light weight. It can simulate accurately 12-lead ECG, Respiration, Temperature, 2-channel IBP or 4-channel IBP. And it can be tested in where the monitor is used.

Main Features

  • Simulate 35 different arrhythmia (including Atrial, Ventricular, Premature Beat and Conduction Defects)  and pacemaker waveforms (including Asynchronous, Demand Occ Sinus, Demand Freq Sinus, A/V Sequential, Non Capture, Non Function).
  • Simulate four-channels IBP data.
  • Simulate respiration signal with adjustable respiration rate, impedance and baseline impedance, and three apneas.
  • Simulate four kinds of temperature data.
  • Simulate square, triangle, pulse and sine waves with adjustable frequencies.
  • Simulate standard ECG calibration, adult and pediatric ECG signal.
  • ECG waveform complied with the standard of ANSI/AAMI EC13-2002,  AHA, MIT  ECG  database,  other  ECG  database and user- defined  waveform  data  stored  in TF  card can be displayed  by the simulator  and  exported  to the equipments to be tested.
  • Each waveform can be displayed by sliding the 3.5'' TFT touch screen, easy to operate.
  • Power supply: rechargeable lithium battery or linear adapter, which reduces interference.
  • Touch screen.

NiBp Simulator


NiBp Simulator


MS200 NIBP Simulator is a multi-purpose test instrument for use with oscillometric Non-Invasive Blood Pressure(NIBP) Monitors. The appearance is concision ,operation is simple and convenient,with its internal pump, the Simulator can generate pressures up to 400 mmHg (53.3 kPa).The Simulator provides dynamic blood pressure simulations, static pressure calibration, automated leak testing, and pressure relief valve testing.You can quickly and exact analyse different NIBP Monitors.

Main Features

  • Provides pressure gauge testing,pressure leak testing,relief valve testing functions .
  • Build-in pump provides pressure source with leak and pressure relief tests
  • NIBP simulations for both arm and wrist cuffs.
  • Provides adult,neonate, eight variations patients conditions,user-defined simulations.
  • Provides arrhythmias,respiratory artifact simulations.
  • Built-in air chamber to simulate adult and neonate cuff.
  • 65k colors,4.3" LCD display.

SpO2 Simulator tester


SpO2 Simulator


MS100 SpO2 Simulator is a kind of Separated SpO2 simulator, small and light. It can perform a series of tests for the oximeter by simulation means, and gives cognizance of veracity about the oximeter. Because the oximeter manufacturer may use different R-curves, some R-curves used abroad currently have been embedded.


Main Features

  • Separated connection between simulator probe and host, operation and test are more convenient.
  • 262K color and 320*240 TFT, adjustable brightness level.
  • Film key-press, makes the operation more comfortable.
  • Power with chargeable lithium battery, can display the charge information of battery.
  • Key volume, can open or close.

Tool Cases

CXD902002 TK



  • Includes the Following Tools
  • Claw Hammer
  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Tweezer
  • Utility Knife
  • Flashlight
  • Scissor
  • Hacksaw
  • 6PCs Precision S/Driver Set
  • Insulation Tape
  • 40W Solder Iron
  • Solder
  • Plier & Long Nose Plier
  • 10PC Set Allen Keys 3m Tape Measure
  • Low Voltage Test Pen
  • 4x Screwdrivers
  • Small Parts Box
  • Canvas Zipperbag

PRK 1PK-1305NB


1PK-1305NB :: Pro's Tool Kit • in Carrying Tool Case + 2 pcs Pallet • 455x325x110mm • 5.75kg

PRK 1PK-1700NB


1PK-1700NB :: Electronics Master Tool Kit • in Carrying Tool Case • 455x325x110mm • 7.6kg